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List of influential people I follow who make me smile

This is an unofficial list of all the creatives, great thinkers, the misfits, venerable sages, the visionaries that I follow. They have always brought smile on my face every morning that continues throughout the day and pushed me forward in life. They have shown me path to reflect, love, seek truth and avoid disgrace. 

Tina Roth Eisenberg, a.k.a. swissmiss

About Tina ~

Her Blog ~

Joshua Porter

About Joshua ~

His Blog ~

Evan Williams

About Evan ~

His Blog ~

Kenneth Reitz

About Ken ~

His Blog ~

Maria Popova

About Maria ~

Her Blog ~

Joel Spolsky

About Joel ~

His Blog ~

José Andrés

About José ~é_Andrés

What he is doing ~

Reshma Saujani

About Reshma ~

What she is doing ~

Neil deGrasse Tyson

About Neil ~

His quotes, letters & essays ~

Shah Rukh Khan

About Foundation ~

What he is doing ~

Lex Fridman

About Lex ~

His Podcasts ~

Rajan Shrestha

About Rajan Shrestha ~

What he is doing ~ Fuzzscape

About Naval ~

His Blog ~

Jeremy Keith

About Jeremy ~

His Journal ~

Matt Mullenweg

About Matt ~

His Blog ~

John Wood

About John ~

What he is doing ~

Paul Graham

About Paul ~

His Essays ~

Sam Altman

About Sam ~

His Blog ~

Daanya Purohit 

About Daanya ~

Her Blog ~

Mikael Cho

About Mikael ~

His Blog ~

Kanchan Jha

About Kanchan ~

What he is doing ~ SanoPaila

Leonardo Di Caprio

About Leo ~

What he is doing ~

Mahabir Pun

About Mahabir ~

What he is doing ~

Holly Gillibrand

About Holly ~

What she is doing ~ Strike for Climate Action


About Dandapani ~

His Blog ~

Sneha Shrestha

About Sneha ~

What she is doing ~

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